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Youthful Gladiators eye top 3

Brave Gladiators ready for the Nations’ Confederation African Football (CAF) Women Football Championship.

Brave Gladiators ready for the Nations’ Confederation African Football (CAF) Women Football Championship.

With about 22 days left to kick off to the Eighth edition of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) Women’s Championship, the Brave Gladiators are quite excited and rearing to go according to 20 year old midfielder Lena !Noreses.
“This is beyond just having fun but more about what you can do. Sports brings us all together, so come and support us as we play,” she said.
Annouscka Kordom another youthful member of the Brave Gladiators said,“Sports teach us discipline and how to work as a team.” Added the excited Kordom, “My most memorable game of my footballing career was in 2012 at my first World Cup qualifier. That was an experience of a lifetime for me and I hope this tourney will be of the same magnitude.”
She said,“It has been a tough journey and you need to stay focused and keep working hard.” Another midfielder Lovisa Mulunga shared the same sentiments and said she expects the nation to be fully behind them as they play in the games. “We want you all to support us all the way, as we give our best. We do expect tough opponents, but we are confident in our skills,” added the 19 year old player of the season for 2011/2012.
Despite the high moral in the team, she along with other players expressed their concerns about the limited funding they have towards the preparation of the games.
The captain of the Brave Gladiators, Kasauna Uerikondjera ‘Mammie’ said, “We need more funds so we can play more games in preparation for the tournament.”

She expressed her frustration at the lack of sponsors who did not aid and rally behind them in their quest to organise international friendly games to prepare them for the tourney.
The captain said despite the lack of more international friendlies, the team is fully prepared for the forth coming games and their aim is to qualify into the top three in-order to take part in the Women’s Football World Cup pegged for year in Canada. Having played abroad for sometime, ‘Mammie’ said,“we need to start seeing the women’s football in the same light as we view men’s football, we need equal support, funding and sponsors. Especially if we want more positive results.” “In general I feel, parents should be more supportive of their children’s goals especially in regards to sport. Support their talents, this may lead into a career one day,” she advised, “Football is surprising so just work hard. Stay focused and never give up,” she added.

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