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X-trails runs this winter

X-trails runs this winter

Standard Bank, in partnership with OTB Sport will be hosting two X-Trail runs on 5 June and 10 July 2016, respectively. The Standard Bank X-Trial Series offer opportunities for veteran, recreational trail runners, families and friends as well as those seeking a road to trail running experience. The sponsorship from Standard Bank amounts to N$189,262.
Jacquiline Pack, Head of Marketing at Standard Bank Namibia said, “Currently in Namibia there is a growing trend of lifestyle sports. Through hosting the X-Trail runs we hope to engage more with our customers fostering long-lasting relationships.” She said as a responsible corporate company Standard Bank would like to be associated with sports aiming to promote healthy living. The first X-Trail running event will take place at farm Godeis in the Khomas Hochland 70km from Windhoek. The second X-Trail event will take place in the surroundings of the Avis Dam in Windhoek.
At the 5 June event the first 270 entries will receive a X-Trail Run t-shirt for free.
The 7km Team Challenge costs N$140 per person, while the 16km costs N$170 per person.
“Trail running has seen tremendous growth in recent years and provides adventurous spirits with a healthy opportunity to get out and engage with nature and the environment. We would like to encourage the just-for-fun and the serious runners to participate in these two upcoming events,” said Pack.

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