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Elemotho, mapping Namibia

 Band members of Elemotho during rehearsals for the Volkswagen 50th Anniversary  celebration. Left to right: Polina Loubnina (flute), Ermelinda Thataohe (backing voc), Elemotho Mosimane (vocal, guitar, composer and song writer) and Samuel Batola (guitarist).Elemotho, Namibia’s most travelled musician will once again represent Namibia and Africa when he performs at the Volkswagen 50th Anniversary celebrations that will take place at the German Historical Museum in Berlin on 15 March.
Elemotho Mosimane, leader of the band which goes by his name, said he is honoured to have been selected among many artists from around the world to perform at such an event. The Gobabis-born artist said that as Africans, we are naturally good at live performances. He, however, said that music involved a lot of work, more so when you are doing live music “because it is difficult to sing and dance at the same time.”
Elemotho added that it takes a lot of time and preparations to be successful in the industry.  
The invitation will lead to a European Tour of Elemotho’s Quartet, where they will share his sounds in Germany (Belin, Frankfurt, Brandburg and Heidelberg) as well as in Spain (Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona).
Elemotho has also been invited by the Alliance Francais de la Cote to perform on the 3rd of March 2012 in Swakopmund at the Desert Tavern, before flying his crew to the European Continent.
Elemoth said that him and his band  were excited and grateful for the opportunities that they have. The group has already had tours in Frankfurt, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Swaziland and many other countries around the world. The band will also compete in this year’s Last Band standing competition and thereafter perform in South Africa in May.

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