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Rural progress on mission agenda

Rural progress on mission agenda

A delegation comprising five members of the Parliamentary Committee for Economic Cooperation and Development of the German Parliament visited Namibia last week for four days.
The visit focused on projects dealing with the management of natural resources which are financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. This includes the promotion of training programmes in the agricultural sector, the support for communal land reform and the creation of institutional capacity for the sustainable and productive use of natural resources. On this topic, the delegation held talks with the responsible regional politicians and representatives of the agricultural sector and visited the agricultural training centre at Mashare in Kavango-East.
During meetings with Hon. Prof. Peter Katjavivi, Dr. Zed Ngavirue, Hon. Utoni Nujoma and Hon. McHenry Venaani in Windhoek, issues concerning the combating of poverty and the Namibian development strategy “Vision 2030” were raised, as well as an exchange of information about the German Namibian dialogue took place.
The delegation was led by the Committee Chairperson, Dagmar G. Wöhrl. The other Parliamentarians are Dr. Egon Jüttner, Johannes Selle, both from the CDU/CSU, Hein-Joachim Barchmann of the SPD and Niema Movassat of Die Linke. The delegation also discussed Namibian German relations and the contentious issue of reparations for atrocities committed during the Herero revolt in 1904.

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