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It’s ‘Karneval’ time

In ‘Karneval’ spirit: Edgar Hälbich (PRO), Holger Sircoulomb (Prince 2011), Heinz Krumrey (treasurer), Bernd Orth, Heiner Dillmann (chairman), Günter Langmaak (vice-chairman), Holger Mentzel (president), Frank Schatz, Gernot Schaeffler, Frank Steffen (operations)Bank Windhoek has confirmed its continued support towards this year’s WIKA (Windhoek Karneval) and the WIKAPHONIKER, when this annual highlight on Windhoek’s events calendar  celebrate 60 years of existence. The motto of this year’s carnival is “Mittendrin und nie daneben” (“Dead-smack and never off-target”).  
The public can start enjoying the festive mood of the WIKA on Saturday, 3 March from 11h00, when the so-called “BIWAK” will be launched at the Auas Valley shopping centre. The WIKA will officially start on Friday, 16 March at 19h30 with the Royal Ball at the SKW stadium in Olympia.  
Windhoek’s carnival fraternity can look forward to the float procession through Independence Avenue on Saturday, 17 March as from 11h00, followed by a “Frühshoppen” at the SKW stadium. The children’s Carnival is scheduled for Sunday, 18 March as from 11h00. On 20 March at 19h30 the ladies’ and men’s night, combined with the fancy dress ball, will take place at the SKW field.  The German “Büttenabend” is scheduled for 23 March, while the youth carnival will take place on 24 March.  
The international evenings will be held in both English and Afrikaans on 28 and 30 March at 19h30, also at the SKW field. The WIKA 2012 will end with the “Kehraus” in 31 March as from 11h00 at the same venue in Olympia.
Tickets will be sold in the Auas Valley Shopping Centre from 09h00am until 11h00 on the following dates: 12 to 16 March; 19, 20, 22 and 23 March, and 26 to 28 March
Tickets can also be booked online at For more information regarding WIKA 2012, visit the website

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