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Capricorn Group employees extend support to Side by Side early intervention centre

Capricorn Group employees extend support to Side by Side early intervention centre

In a heartwarming display of community solidarity, 30 employees from Capricorn Group stepped forward to provide much-needed assistance to the Side by Side Early Intervention Centre.

The centre, dedicated to offering early childhood development services to children with special needs, received a generous array of support on 17 May.

The efforts, spearheaded by Capricorn Group’s team known as the Changemakers, included essential upgrades such as refurbished shelves, installation of bag hooks, provision of self-care packets, meals, pot flowers, and engaging creative interactions with the children. This contribution follows previous endeavors by the group, including the construction of a wheelchair ramp and the establishment of a sensory garden back in 2022.

The latter has proven instrumental in assisting children with sensory integration issues, enhancing cognitive abilities within the Goreangab community-based center.

Marlize Horn, Executive of Brand and Corporate Affairs at Capricorn Group, emphasized the importance of inclusivity in education, stating, “We take pride in supporting the center to create a more conducive space for all learners.”

Michelle Zeelie, a Social Worker at the Side by Side Early Intervention Centre, expressed deep gratitude for the genuine care and dedication shown by Capricorn Group employees. “We are thankful for their invaluable assistance,” she remarked.

Capricorn Group reiterated its commitment as a “Connector of Positive Change,” affirming its ongoing pledge to give back to the community through various initiatives. In light of the national lack of focus on early intervention and pre-primary education for children with disabilities, Capricorn Group acknowledged the crucial role played by Side by Side in providing much-needed support.

The collaborative efforts between Capricorn Group and Side by Side Early Intervention Centre stand as a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives in fostering inclusivity and support for vulnerable populations.


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