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Youth Energy Forum hosts workshop to address hurdles in hydrogen adoption

Youth Energy Forum hosts workshop to address hurdles in hydrogen adoption

The Namibia Youth Energy Forum convened a thought-provoking workshop titled ‘Navigation Hurdles in Hydrogen Adoption’ on 18 May, drawing together a diverse array of stakeholders to delve into the complexities surrounding the integration of hydrogen as an energy source in Namibia.

With over 40 attendees, including esteemed speakers, industry professionals, and researchers, the event served as a platform for robust discussions on both the potential benefits and the challenges ahead.

According to the Forum, participants actively engaged in collaborative dialogue aimed at exploring the role of hydrogen in Namibia’s energy landscape. They emphasized the need for a multifaceted approach to surmount the hurdles hindering hydrogen adoption, recognizing that overcoming these obstacles is vital for securing a sustainable and inclusive energy future for the nation.

Key focal points of the workshop included assessing the roadmap for hydrogen adoption, tackling legal, financial, and societal challenges, and capitalizing on the opportunities presented by embracing hydrogen technology.

The workshop featured insightful presentations from industry experts, enriching the discourse with diverse perspectives. Stefannie Busch, an Associate from ENS Africa, Africa’s largest law firm, provided valuable insights into the legal intricacies of hydrogen adoption.

Maximillian Rischer, a German researcher and hydrogen expert currently conducting a study on hydrogen in Namibia, shared his research findings, offering valuable insights into the practical aspects of hydrogen implementation.

Additionally, Shepherd Nyambe, a researcher from the University of Namibia, contributed academic insights to the discussion, further enriching the dialogue.

Among the attendees were representatives from prominent organizations such as GIZ Namibia, with Herald Schutt from Amusha and Hans-Christian Mahnke, a consultant from the Legal Assistance Centre, also lending their expertise to the proceedings.

Their presence underscored the collaborative effort required across sectors to address the complex challenges associated with hydrogen adoption and pave the way for a sustainable energy future in Namibia.


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