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Platform for collaboration and strategizing to enhance pharmaceutical services nationwide held

Platform for collaboration and strategizing to enhance pharmaceutical services nationwide held

The Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr Esther Muinjangue this week sounded an alarm regarding the strain faced by pharmacists in public health facilities across the nation due to an overwhelming patient load.

Speaking at the 2024 Annual National Pharmaceutical Services Forum on Wednesday evening, Muinjangue shared insights gleaned from the Pharmaceutical Management Information System (PMIS), revealing troubling statistics.

According to data from the PMIS health facility indicators for the 2023/2024 financial year, the average number of prescriptions per dispenser per day is alarmingly high. Muinjangue highlighted that pharmacists in public hospitals handle an average of 50 to 60 patients per dispenser per day, significantly impacting the quality of care and limiting pharmacists’ ability to provide thorough patient counseling and follow-up.

The forum, attended by representatives from both the public and private sectors, served as a platform for collaboration and strategizing to enhance pharmaceutical services nationwide.

Muinjangue emphasized the urgent need for better integration of pharmacy services into the broader healthcare system to address the challenges posed by the high patient load.

Despite these challenges, Muinjangue acknowledged significant achievements within the Directorate of Pharmaceutical Services, including successful policy implementations and improvements in forecasting and procurement processes.

She highlighted the successful rollout of upgraded electronic dispensing tools to 73% of antiretroviral therapy sites, offering practical technological solutions to enhance dispensing and patient care.

Furthermore, Muinjangue applauded the Directorate of Pharmaceutical Services for its achievements, such as the successful revision of the Clinical Supplies Catalog.

In her closing remarks, she stressed the importance of ongoing capacity-building initiatives to empower pharmacists and improve the quality of pharmaceutical services.


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