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National Heritage Council appoints new members

National Heritage Council appoints new members

The acting Minister of Education, Arts and Culture, Hon Martin Andjaba this week appointed new members who will provide policy direction and oversight in the enforcement of the National Heritage Act and implementation of activities of the National Heritage Council.

The Council chaired by Dr. Rosa Persendt with Natalia /Goagoses as the Vice Chairperson, will serve for a three-year term, effective from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2023.

The Council includes eight main members; Karapo Herebert Kandjimi, Moses Molatendi, Johannes Kariseb, Erhard Roxin, Helge Mocke (nominated by the Minister of Mines and Energy) and Elizabeth Brown (nominated by the Auditor General), including six alternate members; Josef Pereb Stephanus, Martha Angula-Ruider, Magdalena Marthinussen, Una Chrizelda Ferreira, Aina Paulina Muulila and Ewereth Muvangua.

Speaking at the inauguration and orientation of the new council members, Andjaba highlighted the importance of heritage conservation adding that management thereof is a challenging task which requires knowledgeable and skilled personnel to enable them to achieve set objectives.

He further indicated that it is pleasing to note that the availability of personnel trained in this field has since improved, therefore, they must not be limited in making use of the skills at their disposal.

Andjaba said he was confident that the new council will build on the foundations laid by their predecessors in taking preservation of the country’s heritage resources to further heights thus encouraging them to abide to the principles of sustainable development in ensuring that the activities implemented by current generations to enjoy and benefit from our heritage resources and not to jeopardise the opportunities of future generations for the same purpose.


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