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Qatar comes to Namibia’s assistance – Drought relief food aid arrives

Qatar comes to Namibia’s assistance – Drought relief food aid arrives

By Freeman Ya Ngulu.

The State of Qatar has stepped forward to bolster Namibia’s efforts to address the pressing challenges posed by drought, extending a generous donation towards food relief initiatives, which arrived in Windhoek on Friday.

The contribution, facilitated through the Qatar Fund for Development, includes 102 tons of food parcels consisting of maize meal, rice, tinned beef, cooking oil, and tinned tuna as a response to the call by the head of state towards the drought relief assistance.

“We are grateful that this assistance is a direct response to the needs of our communities, during this drought period. It will be channeled for distribution to the identified registered affected food insecure households, through our distribution network, namely the Regional Council,” George Simataa, Secretary to the Cabinet said at the handover event.

Simataa outlined plans for the allocation and distribution of aid to registered households in need, coordinated through the Regional Council distribution network.

Simataa detailed the comprehensive approach adopted by Namibia in drought relief interventions, encompassing food assistance, agricultural support through seeds and horticulture, livestock aid for affected farmers, and provisions for water-deprived communities.

According to him, the government has allocated an amount of US$ 44 Million (N$ 825 Million) towards the drought relief programme. There is a funding gap of US$ 27 Million (N$ 482 million) which the Government appealed to development partners and the international community for support.

Highlighting the severity of Namibia’s climatic challenges, Simataa underscored the country’s vulnerability to erratic rainfall patterns exacerbated by phenomena like El Nino and compounded by the broader effects of climate change. He noted the adverse impacts witnessed during the recent rainfall season, with below-average precipitation levels significantly affecting crop yields, particularly for subsistence farmers.

Against the backdrop of dwindling dam levels, prompting concerns over water scarcity, Namibia’s President, Dr. Nangolo Mbumba, declared a State of Emergency: National Disaster due to drought on 22 May 2024.

“This declaration while sounding to the actual severity of the negative impact of the drought situation, also extends an appeal for assistance from the international community to assist with relief interventions, which hereto, the Government has introduced,” Simataa said.

Simataa thanked the government and people of Namibia, particularly those with the drive to make such things come alive and extended the nation’s profound gratitude to the government and people of the State of Qatar for the gesture of kindness and support.


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