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Aochamub nominated for a prestigious award

Director-General of the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), Albertus Aochamub on Tuesday was nominated for the Titans-Building Nations Awards. The initiative recognises the contribution men make, year in and year out in across the continent.
Aochamub said that he is honoured to have been nominated for such a high status award.

“The nomination alone is an achievement in itself and I look forward to meeting my fellow African brothers and networking with like minded individuals on this level,” he added.
The Titans programme recognises and elevates men that meet the criteria of nation building citizens, it also provides a platform where these individuals who share these characteristics can come together and form a networking circle from all over Africa. The judges for the awards will ensure that only the most deserving of competitors walk away with a prize for their relevant sectors, regions, countries as well as for the overall African continent. Their individual achievements will be highlighted and celebrated for twelve months and the events will be held in Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Egypt, Cameroon, Uganda, South Africa and Zambia.
Each nominee will be required to motive his strengths and competencies to proceed on to the finalist stages. The Titans Programme looks into each nominee’s team member development, their sector influences, profitability and sustainability as well as how they promote better practice in their industry and lastly their individual social responsibility.  The judges are made up of an independent chairperson and industry experts for the fair and final outcome.

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