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Kunene delegation visits Erongo Green Hydrogen projects to gain insight

Kunene delegation visits Erongo Green Hydrogen projects to gain insight

By Adolf Kaure.

The Regional Governor of Kunene, Hon. Marius Sheya paid a courtesy visit to the Erongo Regional Governor Hon. Neville Andre-Itope last week to learn about the neighbouring region’s progress in the green hydrogen industry.

Sheya was accompanied by a delegation of regional councillors, mayors and traditional leaders from constituencies and towns of the Kunene Region.

The Kunene Regional Governor and his delegation visited Green Hydrogen projects like the Daures Green Hydrogen Village near Uis, Cleanergy Solutions Namibia near Walvis Bay and the HyIron site near Arandis.

During a press briefing, Sheya said that the visit of his delegation to Erongo was to gain insight on the new industry.

“We have a shared vision and we have come to learn from you. We want to know what you have planned and envisioned in terms of Green Hydrogen projects. How do they benefit the community? How do you package them and as a community and local leadership, what are the regrets and things that you think you could have done better?” he stated.

The Kharas, Erongo and Kunene Regions are the three regions which have been earmarked for Green Hydrogen projects due to their abundant sunlight, strong winds and long coastline.

Hon. Sheya congratulated the Erongo leadership for their achievements so far in the Green Hydorgen industry.

According to him, benchmarking the Erongo Region’s formula would provide his region with a head start for successfully implementing their prospective Green Hydorgen projects.

“Kharas and Erongo have already started with these projects and Kunene is in a phase that we are about to start.”

“We have a number of investors who have shown interest and we want to know which one of them we must partner with.”

“We felt, like a regional leadership, let us go to our brothers who have already started and we learn from them so that we get into a winning formula,” said Sheya.

In response, Erongo’s Governor Andre-Itope said that collaboration between the Government and private sector is crucial so that the whole community can benefit.

“Besides employment, these projects are also involved in Corporate Social Investment, which is geared to eleviatepoverty. Be it construction from classrooms, drilling boreholes in areas that are dry or buying school uniforms, they also take part in that and help some of the social needs of our society.”

“Public Private Partnerships must be close and make sure that the government and the public sector walk the same walk and help each other to ensure that the investors are ready to come.”

“There should be a shared prosperity that is felt on the ground. If our people are seeing that they are part of these initiatives, then they will surely be able to welcome them and our investors, who have the expertise, will also be confident to share with us these developments.”

“It is good that you brought with you a delegation comprising people from different members of society so that they can go back and explain what is happening at the initial stage here in Erongo Region and also bring that to the Kunene Region,” stated André-Itope.

The visit of the Kunene Region delegation to the Erongo Green Hydrogen projects ended on Friday.

The Kunene Governor, Hon. Marius Sheya (left) with his delegation seeking advice from the Erongo Governor, Hon. Neville André-Itope (second from right). (Photograph by Adolf Kaure)


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