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Capricorn Foundation teams up with Beautiful Kidz Namibia to empower disadvantaged children

Capricorn Foundation teams up with Beautiful Kidz Namibia to empower disadvantaged children

The Capricorn Foundation has forged a partnership with Beautiful Kidz Namibia to make a significant impact on the lives of disadvantaged children in Windhoek.

The Capricorn Foundation has pledged a substantial amount of N$120,000 towards supporting the Beautiful Kidz Anusa Project. This initiative focuses on providing high-quality school uniforms to 350 underprivileged children attending public schools in Windhoek. Additionally, it seeks to empower women by providing them with opportunities to earn income through the manufacturing of these uniforms.

Beautiful Kidz Namibia, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to providing care and support to underprivileged children and their families in Windhoek and the Ovitoto rural area. One of the critical challenges faced by these children is the lack of proper school uniforms, which not only affects their self-esteem but also impacts their attendance and academic performance.

“We are pleased to continue the work that our subsidiary, Capricorn Asset Management, supported from 2018 to 2023, as it aligns with our vision to address the basic needs of vulnerable groups, focusing on children and education. As a Connector of Positive Change, the Capricorn Foundation is proud to be part of this initiative to provide a brighter future for vulnerable Namibian children, restore their confidence and bring a smile to their beautiful faces whilst also creating job opportunities for the women of the Anusa Project,” said Marlize Horn, Executive Officer of the Capricorn Foundation.

Capricorn Asset Management (CAM), a member of the Capricorn Group and a key funder of the Capricorn Foundation, has been a staunch supporter of the Anusa Project since 2018.

Continuing their commitment, the Capricorn Foundation has generously donated 200 summer uniforms for boys and girls, along with 150 winter tracksuits, benefiting several schools in Windhoek. These include Bet-el Primary School, Auas Primary School, Dr Frans Aupa Indongo Primary School, Fidel Castro Cruz Primary School, Otjomuise Primary School, Khomasdal Primary School, Dr Abraham Ijambo Primary School, St. Barnabas Primary School, Martti Ahtisaari Primary School, St. Andrews Primary School, Namibia Primary School, Mandume Primary School, and A.I. Steenkamp Primary School.

The Capricorn Foundation’s contribution ensures the provision of essential school uniforms and sustains the Anusa Project’s vital operations. Moreover, it creates employment opportunities for local women, thereby fostering community development and empowerment.

This partnership exemplifies a powerful collaboration aimed at making a positive difference in the lives of vulnerable children and their families.


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