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Erongo Regional Council rated top achiever in Customer Service Charter

Erongo Regional Council rated top achiever in Customer Service Charter

By Adolf Kaure.

The Erongo Regional Council was rated as the top achiever in the Customer Service Charter in a rating that covered all the regional councils in Namibia.

Council Chairperson, Hon. Benitha Imbamba expressed her satisfaction with the rating for claiming the top achievement for the third consecutive year.

“Let me start off the business of today by congratulating the Erongo Regional Council technocrats for continuous exceptional performance, even during odd circumstances.”

“I am pleased to share that we have yet again been rated as the top achiever in the customer service charter development stage,” she said during her address at the latest counciil monthly agenda meeting.

Despite the top rating, Imbamba cautioned the staff not to allow complacency [and guard against] dropping their level of service delivery.

“I trust that we will keep the momentum for the years to come. Rest assured that the Regional Councillors are ever proud of your performance, and pledge once again our support and guidance in our pursuit for good governance.”

“Customer service is the crucial element of our mandate, and we should by all times be mindful of our promises we made to ourselves and to those we serve.”

“We should be mindful to deliver our services effectively and efficiently, at least with a smile. No one should be left out,” the Chairperson said.

Imbamba further stated the importance of improved strategies to enhance service delivery for customers during changing times. “However, we need to keep sensitizing the importance of customer service charter to each and every staff member including the Regional Councillors, to live up to the promises we made. There is no excuse of being complacent and doing things as usual.”

“Times have changed and if we want to be effective, we need to change our mind-set and start thinking out of the box to make the Council a leading regional council in Namibia. As an institution we are performing exceptionally well, while we lack in some areas.”


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