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450 children with special needs enjoy a refreshing Vigo

450 children with special needs enjoy a refreshing Vigo

The learners at Moreson School for the mentally impaired last week received a substantial donation from Namibia Breweries Ltd in the form of 360 casses of Vigo, the Breweries’ very popular non-alcoholic beverage.

The Moreson learners share this donation with the children at the School for the Hearing Impared and with the School for the visually impaired. Some 450 children with special needs benefit from this donation. The schools use these beverages for sustenace but a large portion go to fundraising inititatives by the three schools to supplement their funding requirements.

At a ceremony to celebrate the gift, Namibia Breweries Ltd confirmed its annual sponsorship of 360 cases of Vigo as well as their continued support of the National Institute for Special Education (NISE), which includes the School for the Hearing Impaired; School for the Visually Impaired, and Môreson School for the Mentally Impaired.

Vigo brand manager, Ndapandula Hatuikulipi said “We are delighted to once again present this donation to NISE. It is always great to witness this event and see how grateful the kids are as is evident by their bright and smiling faces. This is also testimony to our commitment to the O&L Group purpose of ‘Creating a future, enhancing life’. This relationship with NISE started in 2005 and we have always enjoyed engaging with, and being part of the growth of these amazing schools.”

“These children are very special, and so are the teachers and leaders who committed themselves to run these establishments and make the best of it” she continued.

The principal of Môreson, Anita Kreft said the sponsorship makes a huge difference. “We are as strong as we are because of the generous support of NBL through its non-alcoholic beverage, Vigo. Because of this generous donation and kind relationship, we are able to do plenty more and grow as an institute. We are very grateful, and appreciate it very much.”

The principal of the School for the Visually Impaired, Ms Marelize Fransman and the principal of the School of the Hearing Impaired, Mr Manuel Oberholzer both expressed their gratitude to the Breweries.

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