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Okambahe learners now sit at proper benches and tables when having lunch

Okambahe learners now sit at proper benches and tables when having lunch

The nearly 400 learners of Willem Borchard Primary School in the Okombahe Reservation no longer need to sit on the ground when they break for lunch, thanks to Rössing Uranium who donated tables and chairs, and arranged for various repairs and improvements to be done in the school yard.

The miner’s Corporate Communications Manager, Daylight Ekandjo said they identify long-term social performance activities every year to improve the quality of life in local communities. “As such, our approach was to identify a primary school in the Erongo region with whom Rössing Uranium could establish a relationship over three years, supporting the concept of making an impact that will last beyond our direct involvement.”

The dire need for a proper, hygienic eatery for the children of Willem Borchard was immediately obvious. The make-shift kitchen was moved to the back of the school while the eating area was upgraded with benches and tables built from bricks and concrete. Where the children now eat, can double as seating for school meetings.

Coopting several project partners, Rössing used the skill of Shipange Enterprises for the construction of the benches and tables. The labour, in turn, was sourced from the Okombahe community. At the same time, the school fence was repaired.

Ekandjo said they approached the Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology as another project partner to fix all the broken desks and chairs for the classrooms. Rössing transported the furniture to the institute’s workshop in Arandis and once repaired, returned it to the school.

This support is defined under Rössing Uranium’s ‘Bigger-Than-Me’ project to stimulate collaboration between stakeholders and beneficiaries, thus having an end result that has a bigger impact than what Rössing Uranium would have achieved on its own. The project is segmented into seven components, which are in support of 10 Sustainable Development Goals.


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