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Aquaculture Company to pioneer salmon production in Sub-Sahara Africa

Aquaculture Company to pioneer salmon production in Sub-Sahara Africa

By Michel Haoses

The African Aquaculture Company (AAC) is paving the way for Sub-Sahara’s first commercial salmon farming facility by successfully securing a bid for an 15-year operational offshore commercial license.

The AAC is engrossed with establishing the Atlantic Salmon Farming industry in Namibia and South Africa with a focus mainly on three offshore sites; northwest of Luderitz in the ||Kharas region and will be producing high-value and omega-rich Atlantic Salmon for export as well as domestic markets.

However, due to their reliance on the expertise of the Norwegians, the AAC expects the initial phase to commence in May with a production capacity of 50,000 tonnes per annum.

In addition, the Salmon Farms expects to contribute to the socio-economy of the country through job creation and skill transfer furthermore, the AAC expects to provide 5,000 jobs through direct and indirect benefits, full production, in-house services, logistics, and construction.

Finally, AAC aware of the just emerging industry will be embarking on the establishment of a local Salmon Framing Association inviting more players into the globally lucrative salmon fishing industry.


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