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Swakopmund Municipality implements Fire Compliance Certification requirement

Swakopmund Municipality implements Fire Compliance Certification requirement

The Swakopmund Municipality this week announced the enforcement of the Fire Compliance Certificate for business premises, to enhance fire safety measures within the region.

Alfeus Benjamin, Chief Executive of the Municipality, emphasized the importance of this initiative, noting that the regulation had remained unimplemented for an extended period.

“All registered businesses and commercial premises are required to promptly obtain this certification,” Benjamin stated.

The Fire Prevention and Safety Compliance Certification Regulations, under government gazettes dated December 29, 2006, and August 13, 2010, fall under the Local Authority Fire Brigade Services Act, Act No. 5 of 2006.

To facilitate compliance, the Municipality will provide a grace period of up to six months for businesses to obtain the Fire Compliance Certificate.

However, during this grace period, any identified contraventions will need to be rectified promptly. Benjamin emphasized that the Municipality will not be held liable for any fire-related damages to property during this time.

Businesses are advised that the cost of the Fire Compliance Certificate is N$214.73 per establishment. “It is imperative for the welfare of your business and the safety of your premises that you comply with this regulation without delay,” Benjamin stressed.

For inquiries and assistance with the certification process, businesses are urged to contact the Fire Chief at 064 410 4637 or via email at [email protected].


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