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Public bus service mooted for Swakopmund

Public bus service mooted for Swakopmund

By Adolf Kaure.

The Office of the Mayor has proposed the introduction of a bus service for the town, during the latest Swakopmund Municipal Agenda ordinary meeting.

According to the Mayor, H.W. Dina Namubes, all relevant stakeholders in the transport industry will be consulted before final approval.

“A proper feasibility study and benchmarking exercise with the other cities and towns will also be done before approval of bus services as a mode of public transport in Swakopmund,” she said.

Once approved, Council will hire staff and procure the buses for the public transportation service.

The establishment and provision of public transportation for the public will assist learners, the elderly and domestic workers who may be vulnerable and unable to afford the normal taxi fare.

This could reduce the daily N$26 and possible monthly N$600 per individual for transport.

The proposal came after it was identified by Council that certain target groups only earn a bare minimal on a monthly basis and are thus unable to afford the current taxi fares.

As a result, some learners and some of the domestic workers walk to their destination during the early hours whilst it is dark which poses a security risk. The introduction of public transport buses will hopefully contribute to curbing the high rates of crime and improve the social wellbeing of the town’s residents.

Another proposal from the Office of the Mayor is a partnership between the Swakopmund Municipal Council and a security company to combat crime. “Council will carry out a comprehensive study for the partnership with a security firm as a means to combat crime within Swakopmund.” “Through a partnership with a security firm, we can create a safe and secure environment for our community,” said Namubes.

The appointed security firm will roam around the streets of Swakopmund to deter crime as it will create capacity and protect individuals from personal injury.

Currently, there is visibility of the tourism security in Swakopmund. However, they are focused on ensuring the safety and security of the town’s tourists, who are mainly located in the central business district.

Despite the installation of CCTV cameras in Swakopmund, Council has maintained that they are not enough to mitigate crime in the town.

Furthermore, the Office of the Mayor also intends to introduce a youth centre as part of its 2024 proposals. The centre can offer free fitness courses, information exhibits at the trade fairs and other engaging activities to keep young people occupied and off the streets.

“Given the fact that a significant number of youth are unemployed, this centre would be beneficial to engage them in programmes that would enhance their prospects.”

“Council could seek possible partnerships from interested investors for funding and sponsorships to keep this centre operational.”

The Tamariskia Community Hall was identified as a suitable and affordable option to be transformed into a youth centre.


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