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Growth depends on letting more Namibians learn longer

Growth depends on letting more Namibians learn longer

By Freeman Ya Ngulu.

The Namibia Trade Network hosted their first Business Breakfast Club for 2024 under the theme ‘Sustainable Growth: Learning and Development` , this week Wednesday.

Hosted at The Stellenbosch Wine Bar in Windhoek, the panel Nina Louw of FirstRand Namibia, Julia Muetudhana of the Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board and Elke Hanstein of Debmarine Namibia. These industry leaders shared insights how businesses can foster a culture of continuous learning and adapt to the demands of a rapidly evolving economic landscape.

The breakfast convened leading minds in the fields of business development, human resources, and organisational efficiency to engage in critical dialogue about the future of learning and development.

Key discussion points included the interplay between corporate governance and learning cultures, the strategic benefits of lifelong learning, and the role of diversity in enriching educational outcomes. A guest explained, “it is crucial for companies to foster inter-generational, inter-cultural and inter-disciplinary learning environments to help ensure crucial skills transfer from the leaders of today to the future.”

The panelists further debated how best to address the skills gap in the Namibian labour market, particularly in the light of rapidly emerging sectors like energy. The conversation also explored tangible strategies for embedding long-term thinking and sustainability into corporate learning initiatives. Each speaker detailed her viewpoint on how we can not only enhance operational productivity but also contribute to societal progress through inclusive and sustainable educational practices.

As Namibia stands on the cusp of significant economic expansion, today’s discussions underscored the critical need for strategic and continuous investment in human capital development. As Julia Muetudhana stated: “Learning is the humility to continue growing.”

A presentation by Stefan Hugo, a Director at Future Media, showcased OneAfrica’s – an educational initiative that facilitates learning for Namibian children and adults by providing free access to supplementary classes and educational material through OneAfrica’s broadcast and streaming platforms.

The Namibia Trade Network said its Business Breakfast Club strives to be a platform for Namibia’s business landscape to discuss important topics that can help drive sustainable growth across the nation’s industries.

The series will continue with quarterly gatherings, each designed to tackle a pivotal aspect of the economic and developmental trajectory.


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Freeman Ya Ngulu

Freeman Ngulu is an investigtor, an author and a keen entrepreneur. His speciality is data journalism for which he loves to dig deep into topics often ignored by mainstream reporting. He tweets @hobameteorite.