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Learn how to communicate better with the Katuka Mentorship Programme

Learn how to communicate better with the Katuka Mentorship Programme

The Katuka Mentorship Programme will be offering training sessions on how to ‘Communicate with Impact: Learn to communicate successfully to increase engagement and impact relationships’, on 11 August starting from 08:00 to 13:00, at the Kubata Conference Centre.

Registration for the training is N$450 per person and a full assessment of the participant’s communication skills will be done to identify their strengths and where there’s room to improve. Participants will also receive a handout.

Organiser, Desere Lundon-Muller said people interested in attending or who need more information should contact her at [email protected]. “This course is for anyone interested in developing themselves either professionally or personally, for those who want to enhance their people skills and influence others, for people who are motivated to learn more about themselves and for people in a position of leadership and people who aspire to leadership will benefit for this training,” she added.

She explained that participants will learn how to tap into the inner depths of their communication potential, learn how to adapt their communication style to increase their leadership influence, expand their communication capacity to motivate, inspire and empower people and interact with other people with unconditional acceptance and without prejudice.

“After the training participants will be able to communicate with a sense of assertiveness, transparency, and self-assurance, they will be able to manage challenging people, give honest feedback and handle criticism, and will easily and accurately convey their thoughts, feeling, and information to others and create dynamic ways to enhance their communication skills into the future,” she emphasised.

The training will help leaders improve their performance, impact, and effectiveness as communicators. “Throughout the course, you will learn how to build your communication capacity at all levels and become a communicator who can connect and resonate with all audiences,” concluded Lundon-Muller.


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