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Coalition of Churches happy with government’s decision on comprehensive sexuality education

Coalition of Churches happy with government’s decision on comprehensive sexuality education

The Coalition of Churches and Faith based Organisations on Ethical Social Justice has welcomed the decision by the government to stop Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in schools.

The coalition applauded the government for taking this bold stance to preserve the future generation of this nation by rejecting imperialistic ideologies imposed upon Namibian through CSE.

According to the Coalition they have observed that there are serious threats to the future harmony, peace and stability of the Namibian family set-up and Nation at large.

“Everywhere in the world where CSE has been introduced, it has been with a well articulated and thought out agenda to promote gender identity preferences, sexual orientation, homosexuality, sexual pleasure amongst children and abortion and to top it all off, there are now calls emanating from such places in the world to legalise paedophilia, all in the name of respecting sexual rights,” proclaimed the Coalition of Churches.

Meanwhile the  coalition is advocating for an ethical home grown value-based sex education programme developed by local family-friendly experts in the country that reflect the values of the Namibian society to address identified challenges such as SGBV, HIV/AIDS and teenage pregnancies, with the aim of reaching the Vision 2030 objectives.

“We want a highly educated and industrialised nation, a morally right society, enjoy higher per capita income, abundant in prosperity, with interpersonal harmony, peach and political stability by 2030 and we stand ready to assist the Government in this regard,” they added.

According to a 2019 global study, ‘Re-examining the evidence for CSE in Schools’, CSE has had more negative results than positive, compared to abstinences education. The study showed an increase in sexual activity amongst students, increased oral and forced sex, increased pregnancies as well as increased sexually transmitted diseases.


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