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Song Night, an octave higher with 2017 funding

Song Night, an octave higher with 2017 funding

23 December 2016 – Song Night, the fingerprint entertainment sessions founded by Lize Ehlers, has just moved up an octave after she and Song Night ambassador, Bradley Anthony, learned they have received major support with new equipment worth almost N$50,000, and a continued sponsorship for 2017 of more than N$100,000.

The Song Night series was started by Ehlers more than five years ago to create a platform for the diversity among local musicians. Song Night is hosted every second Wednesday evening at the Warehouse Theatre in Windhoek. Any performer can apply but first have to audition before allowed to perform at the next scheduled Song Night. Auditions are done during the in-between week at the Theatre School.

Song Night has become immensely popular with the public. It has also opened the door for many other musicians to start a career, or to raise their profiles. In recognition of its tremendous value to promote music at all levels, RMB Namibia earlier this month agreed to buy new equipment for the event, and to continue with a cash sponsorship to ensure Song Night’s success.

Lately, the Song Night events suffered from outdated sound equipment which had an effect on the performances but not on the crowd’s mood.

Odile Tjongarero and Sindano Nekundi of RMB Namibia’s CSI team visited Ehlers and Anthony to present to them the new equipment, and to inform them of RMB’s continued support.

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