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AfriFOODlinks initiative boosts Windhoek’s food security efforts with N$728,000 grant

AfriFOODlinks initiative boosts Windhoek’s food security efforts with N$728,000 grant

The City of Windhoek recently welcomed delegates from Milan, Chefcheoun, Kismus, and Cape Town as part of the AfriFOODlinks project, focusing on enhancing food security across urban landscapes.

Mayor Queen Kamati hosted the 12 delegates, highlighting the critical importance of food security in combating hunger amidst challenges like climate change and fluctuating food prices.

The four-year initiative, aiming to bolster urban food environments through cross-city collaborations between Africa and Europe, engaged in discussions emphasizing sustainable solutions. Kamati underscored the significance of initiatives like backyard gardens to bolster local food production, particularly in urban areas.

“Climate change has disrupted traditional food production methods, and irregular rainfall patterns pose significant challenges,” noted Mayor Kamati, stressing the need for innovative approaches to ensure food security for all residents.

Rising food prices exacerbate the situation, placing added strain on vulnerable communities striving to meet their nutritional requirements. Kamati urged the visiting delegates to prioritize community empowerment through training and information dissemination on small-scale food production methods like backyard gardening.

In a significant development, the City of Windhoek secured a substantial grant of N$728,000 from AfriFOODlinks. This funding injection is earmarked for identified projects aimed at enhancing food security and nutrition within the city by 2025.

The grant signifies a crucial step forward in Windhoek’s efforts to address food insecurity and underscores the collaborative spirit of the AfriFOODlinks initiative in driving positive change across urban landscapes.


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