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Below normal conditions persist across the country – Meteorological Services

Below normal conditions persist across the country – Meteorological Services

Recent analyses of rainfall patterns in Namibia up to January 2024 indicate that there will be a continued trend of below-normal precipitation throughout the country. The latest Namibia Meteorological Service rainfall bulletin, which was released this week, anticipates a continuation of this pattern, with below-normal rainfall expected for most areas of the country.

According to meteorological forecasts, there is a likelihood of slight improvement in precipitation levels over the southeastern regions of the Karas province, as well as parts of the Ohangwena and Oshikoto regions. However, these improvements are expected to be modest. Meanwhile, the southwestern Namib region is projected to experience normal rainfall conditions.

Despite the anticipated improvements in specific regions, it is crucial to emphasize that the overall amount of rainfall remains relatively insignificant, the bulletin noted.

These projections raise concerns, particularly in light of the broader seasonal outlook, which indicates a persistently below-normal rainfall pattern for the country. Consequently, authorities stress the importance of preparedness and mitigation measures to address the potential impacts of prolonged dry conditions.

Meanwhile, the bulletin noted that it is important to note that while these forecasts provide valuable insights, local variations in weather patterns are to be expected. Therefore, communities and stakeholders are advised to remain vigilant and adapt to evolving conditions as the month progresses.


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