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Blood Transfusion Services calls for blood donations this February

Blood Transfusion Services calls for blood donations this February

The Blood Transfusion Services of Namibia (NamBTS) is rallying the community to embrace the spirit of love by participating in a blood donation clinic scheduled for 17 February at the Channel Life Blood Donation Centre, situated in the heart of the CBD at Post Street Mall, between Town Square and Wernhil.

Encouraging citizens to prioritize altruism this Valentine’s month, NamBTS emphasized the critical need for blood donations to support various medical cases beyond just emergencies. They highlighted the vital role blood products play in assisting individuals facing diverse health challenges, including pregnancy complications, premature births, cancer treatments, and surgical procedures, among others.

In a bid to facilitate participation, NamBTS announced that they would provide complimentary transport services for blood donors. Those interested can coordinate transportation arrangements by contacting Salmi Shigwedha at 081 122 1265.

NamBTS also outlined the eligibility criteria for blood donation, emphasizing that donors should be between the ages of 16 and 65, weigh over 50kg, maintain good health, and possess a commitment to assisting others. Additionally, they advised donors to consume a substantial meal 3 to 4 hours before donating, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water or juice, and refrain from strenuous exercise immediately following donation.

As Namibia faces ongoing healthcare challenges, including the need for an adequate blood supply, the upcoming blood donation clinic presents an opportunity for individuals to demonstrate compassion and solidarity with those in need. Through their contributions, donors can make a tangible difference in the lives of fellow community members, embodying the true essence of love and generosity.


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