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Namib Chilli sends maiden consignment abroad to tap into lucrative consumer markets

Namib Chilli sends maiden consignment abroad to tap into lucrative consumer markets

By Adolf Kaure.

Swakopmund-based chilli manufacturers, Namib Chilli has exported their first consignment of their products abroad since the company went into operation in 2020.

Company owner, Johann Viljoen, said in an interview that he sent 500kg of chilli to Cape Town and to Germany to be sold by retailers in the respective countries. “We have done our first shipment to Germany. Chilli food is a distributor throughout Europe. In September, last year we sent a big order of thirteen of our products, which equates to over 1800 bottles of Namib Chilli. This was a tremendous order for us.”

“Johnny Hexburg from Cape Town is the biggest craftsman manufacturer in South Africa. He has depos in Germany, Sweden as well as in the UK and they just started with the United States.”

“He sent off samples to Saudi Arabia. He is taking over the world. He is like a mentor to me. So I am proud to say that our sauces have been ordered by Chilli Fruit together with Johnny Hexburg,” he said.

Viljoen said that he has aspirations of sending his products to the United Kingdom and the United States as the market for chilli there is enormous. “The chilli market is huge, especially in the United States and in the UK hot sauces [sell] 12 million bottles [a yer].”

“In the UK hot sauce has out sold tomato sauce due to the influx of Indian and Caribbean [natives] into the UK.”

Regarding the future of Namib Chilli, Viljoen said he is considering to move to Okahandja very soon so that the business can grow. “We are moving to Okahandja to grow our market, to get into more shops and to get more people interested in the products.”

“Many people say they have not seen our products. Every new business takes between five to seven years to get established and we are currently three-and-half years old, so we are still getting there. So that is why [I am] moving to Okahandja – it will just boost the business.”

“Now as we grow bigger. It is currently just my wife and myself and a casual worker who are working for Namib Chilli. To grow your business you have to make sacrifices and we are getting there.”

He envisions the company to go from strength to strength and contribute to the economic growth of the country. “The bigger we grow, the more people we can employ, the more farmers will get to plant chilli for us and inspire people to do the same.”

“If we grow enough chilli, it can became more affordable for other people to grow or to buy and make their sauces or we can become competitive enough that Namib Chilli products are available on all the shelves in all the towns in the restaurants instead of imported products from South Africa.”

“That is a good thing to say that this is local content except for the bottles – but the chilli, vinegar, and sauce labels come from here (Namibia).”

Namib Chilli was established in 2020, when Viljoen looked for an alternative source of income as the COVID-19 pandemic provided challenges.

Namib Chilli currently has 20 products with different chilli sauces ranging from mild to hot. These products are in various retail shops like SuperSpar and others.

Namib Chilli owner Johann Viljoen displaying a variety of the company’s products.


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