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Dedicated portal for FNB business clients

Dedicated portal for FNB business clients

FNB Namibia’s business section announced in July that it has improved on their business clients’ access to information through a customised website that caters specifically to the FNB Business client base. “This is in line with our ‘Innovation’ Value where we continuously look for and improve ways of helping our customers help themselves,” said Head of FNB Business Johan van der Westhuizen.
This website augments the client’s knowledge of the variety of FNB Business financial products and services and increases the understanding of the bank’s Customer Value Proposition. “We have a personalised, relationship-based banking approach, complemented by a strong self-service element” said van der Westhuizen adding that the new website contains information on various products under the categories Transact, Lend, Invest, Insure, Niche as well as Value Add and Tools sections.
“FNB Business will thus improve customer service and be a better partner to clients in building their business by striking a balance between information sharing for informed decision making, innovative technology and excellent internal systems. We aim to reduce the clients’ frustrations, save them money by providing more value for money, thereby allowing them more time to focus on doing business” according to van der Westhuizen.
“FNB Business has a holistic business package for any business type. Together with the client, FNB Business focuses on enabling the growth of the client’s business by facilitating future expansion and protecting the clients’ business interests.”
He encouraged new clients to start by registering an FNB Business account at any of the bank’s branches.

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