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Weathermen & Co team hit 1000 day mark

Weathermen & Co team hit 1000 day mark

Newcomer advertising agency, Weathermen & Co. Advertising celebrated 1000 days of existence late last month. According to O&L, determination has been the key in the growth of this establishment, which has not allowed challenges to be a distraction, but to keep focused on the goal.
What was started in The Jupiter Drawing Room in Cape Town in February 2013 by a group of agency folk, with loads of expertise in the management and creative execution of numerous O&L brands’ needs and wants, who went into a discussion with one of Africa’s greatest advertising agencies, has turned into a company.
Managing Director, Leon Crous said, “It has been a very rewarding and inspirational journey so far. As a team we thrive and feed off progress and the energy that’s created by successes big or small, I think our biggest achievement on our journey thus far has been to keep the momentum going through the continuous improvement in our ability to deliver quality work for our clients”.
“Going from a start-up to an agency that is delivering quality strategic work that’s making a real difference to our clients’ brands and being trusted as a valued partner in their business,” he added
Crous said: “We are in control of a surprisingly powerful tool, which, at the heart of it, can change human behaviour. The advertising and marketing industry can greatly impact perceptions of consumers, making us a major role player in informing and influencing consumer behaviour. Advertising is a multi-faceted communication machine.”
According to Crous the company offers all of the expected and more. “Wherever the best ideas for the brands we service can grow and become even better is what excites us. Apart from O&L Group brands, Total Namibia; United Africa Group; Giant Lotto’s; Mobipay, and Bonlife are but some of W&Co’s clients. Weathermen is also a former “ad of the week” winner by renowned SA marketing blog for its recent Tafel Lager TV commercial,” he added.
Meanwhile, Weathermen & Co more than doubled its staff over the past 12 months. By January 2016 the company will have a total of 14 staff members.

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