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Kavango West Council puts heads together to formulate a robust plan for change and development

Kavango West Council puts heads together to formulate a robust plan for change and development

The Kavango West Regional Council is currently holding a regional 3-day retreat in Swakopmund, to invigorate and realign the leadership team.

The council in a statement said the retreat’s objectives are to foster a renewed focus on mobilizing the public and seek to evaluate organizational and leadership effectiveness, culminating in the formulation of a robust plan for change and development.

“The gathering is expected to play a pivotal role in not only rejuvenating the leadership but also in establishing a foundation for future development initiatives. Through comprehensive assessments, the retreat endeavors to identify areas for improvement, enabling the leaders to create a well-supported strategy for positive transformation,” they added.

They emphasized that the retreat also aims to achieve several key outcomes including the enhancement of team bonding and the elevation of team morale. “By bringing together political heads from both the Regional and Local Authority Councils, along with Management Cadres from the Council and Heads of Delegated Functions,” they added.

They explained that overall the event represents a crucial opportunity for the Kavango West Regional Council to strengthen internal cohesion, foster leadership growth, and forge deeper connections among their key stakeholders.


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