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Making sure the youth takes care of themselves – First episode of the School Talk Show launched

Making sure the youth takes care of themselves – First episode of the School Talk Show launched

The School of Destiny Associates (SODA) Consultancy launched the first episode of the School Talk Show (STS) under the theme topic ‘self-worth and anti-bullying. The launch took place on 11 October at Jan Mohr Secondary School and is part of the ‘we care’ project initiatives.

SODA said the initiative aims to provide practical tools of self-awareness, self-discipline, leadership skills and character-building to help school-going youth to navigate through their own lives towards making appropriate daily choices.

Urias Ngodji, who is part of the Communications Team at SODA said because Jan Mohr recently experienced bullying, hence a need to address it to raise awareness on the seriousness of bullying on school grounds. “The STS is an interactive panel discussion between the Boys Club and Girls Club from the different project schools around 16 values, which include responsibility, choices and self-worth,” added Ngodji.

According to Ngodji, it is widely known that society and governments adopted an integrated approach, whereas they at SODA identified the gap of character-building programmes among the school going youth, therefore suggest the iChoose Leadership Values Programme which provides practical skills and character building.

“In addition we have projects in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture as well as B.O.S.S Riders Club, to facilitate character-building programmes for BOYS CLUBS and GIRLS CLUBS at Schools, in support of their Life Skills curriculum,” added Ngodji.

She further informed that the ‘we care’ project since its launch in February 2021, has been rolled out at 11 schools within four regions, with a collection of over 5000 sanitary pads, and a reach of about 60% of girls at these project schools.


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