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Meteorological services expect below average rainfall across most regions

Meteorological services expect below average rainfall across most regions

The Meteorological Service has issued a warning of below-average rainfall across most regions in January, with only the southwestern Namib area expected to receive normal rainfall, according to a recent meteorological report released on Wednesday.

The report provides a detailed analysis of rainfall and temperature for December 2023 and offers an outlook for February and the period from February to April 2024.

In January, the Karas, Hardap, western Erongo, and extreme western Kunene regions are expected to receive rainfall below 25 mm, while the Zambezi region is forecasted to experience higher amounts, around 125 mm.

Looking ahead to the period from 1 February to 30 April, the report indicates a continuation of suppressed rainfall, with a high probability of below-normal precipitation during this timeframe.

Meteorological projections advise residents and stakeholders to prepare for drier conditions in the specified months, urging caution due to the anticipated reduction in rainfall.


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