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Wildlife Resorts donates cleaning equipment to Khorixas Town Council

Wildlife Resorts donates cleaning equipment to Khorixas Town Council

Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) donated N$10,000 worth of cleaning materials to the Khorixas Town Council this week, including gloves, refuse bags, and masks, to keep the town clean and support the community in maintaining a pristine environment.

Khorixas Town, conveniently located along the most scenic route and part of the tourism triangle, serves as the entryway to the Kunene region. Recognizing the town’s critical role in promoting tourism, NWR pointed out that it is “keenly aware of the importance of upholding cleanliness standards to enhance the overall visitor experience.”

NWR is demonstrating its commitment to environmental responsibility by providing practical resources like gloves, garbage bags, and masks to Khorixas, intending to empower the town as part of its mission to maintain cleanliness and welcoming surroundings, it noted.

Nelson Ashipala, the NWR spokesperson, handed out the donation and emphasized the need for collaboration between organizations. “There is lots of traffic going through Khorixas. We know this because we operate here. The least we could do is to keep this beautiful town of ours clean,” he remarked.

Andreas Howoseb, Khorixas Town’s Chief Executive, expressed his delight and gratitude upon receiving the generous donation from NWR. He also emphasized the need for collaboration between public and private entities in maintaining Khorixas’ beauty, highlighting the positive impact such partnerships can have on the community and the broader region. “With this donation, the NWR staff will also commit to assist the town’s cleaning campaigns with logistics and manpower resources,” he said.

NWR remains committed to promoting sustainable practices within the tourism industry, which aligns with its broader mission of preserving Namibia’s natural beauty for future generations. “The recent donation to Khorixas Town Council highlights NWR’s proactive approach to corporate social responsibility, as well as its dedication to maintaining a clean and attractive environment for residents and tourists alike.”

In another related development this week, NWR has voiced its disappointment with the comparatively low number of Namibians taking up local travel opportunities.

According to the organization, from November 2022 to November 2023, NWR attracted 511,984 European occupants, with 7% coming from Germany. South Africa’s market contributed 90,296 guests, while Botswana saw 394 guests. The company also noted resilience from the South African market and Botswana market.

In his remarks, the NWR spokesperson explained the organization’s concern and optimism for increased local engagement. He also expressed disappointment that more Namibians had not “embraced the opportunity to explore the beauty of their own country through travel.”

“While we welcome and appreciate our European visitors, we believe that local tourism is an essential component of our industry’s success. Out of a total of 511,984 clients, 22,622 are Namibian luxury travellers. This equates to 4% of our local guests.”

“We understand that travel is a significant investment, and we are currently offering special promotions to make it more accessible to Namibians. These exclusive offers are tailored to entice our fellow citizens to experience the unparalleled beauty and hospitality that our resorts have to offer. One of these is the SADC special,” Ashipala said, noting that these are some of the proactive measures taken by NWR to promote domestic tourism.

“NWR invites Namibians to take advantage of these special offers and rediscover the wonders within their borders. The organization remains committed to fostering a vibrant local tourism sector that benefits both communities and the economy,” he concluded.

From left to right: Andreas Howoseb, Chief Executive of Khorixas Town, Nelson Ashipala, NWR Corporate Communications Manager, and Patience Hoaes, Mayor of Khorixas during the donation handover in Khorixas.


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