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Telecom boosts girls’ education with care pack donations

Telecom boosts girls’ education with care pack donations

Telecom Namibia has taken a significant step towards supporting the education of girls who face obstacles in accessing menstrual resources.

Driven by compassion and a deep commitment to community welfare, Telecom’s Women in Engineering group has generously provided care packs containing sanitary towels to empower girls at various schools across the country.

These donations aim to ensure that girls, even during their menstrual cycles, can attend school without hindrance, aligning with the Ministry of Education’s vision.

The initiative addresses a harsh reality where many young girls miss school due to the unavailability of sanitary pads, depriving them of their right to education and impeding their personal and academic growth. Acknowledging this issue, Telecom remains resolute in supporting the communities it serves.

Globally, girls often face exclusion from essential activities due to cultural stigmas surrounding menstruation and limited resources, leading to irregular school attendance. Period poverty, encompassing inadequate access to sanitary products, menstrual hygiene education, proper sanitation facilities, and waste management, underscores the urgency of raising awareness persistently.

During the donation handover, Telecom’s representatives highlighted, “Sharing is Caring,” a campaign designed to complement existing efforts in safeguarding the interests of girls, especially during their menstrual cycles. By providing necessary sanitary pads, the company aims to alleviate concerns and enable girls to attend school worry-free, emphasizing that education is a vital tool for empowerment and societal transformation.

Beyond supplying sanitary towels, this initiative aims to equip girls with fundamental yet essential items that contribute to a comprehensive education. It seeks to cultivate role models and agents of change within their communities.

The “Sharing is Caring” campaign extends beyond school grounds, urging the public to contribute to the cause. Telecom Namibia invites individuals to drop off sanitary towel packs at any Telecom teleshop or office nationwide, emphasizing that menstrual hygiene is a collective societal concern, requiring unified action.


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