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Tech goodies to spot rhinos at night

Tech goodies to spot rhinos at night

Newcomer in the expansive Pupkewitz stable, MegaTech, last week donated a range of items to the Save the Rhino Trust (SRT) to support their efforts in looking after the wild Black Rhino population of Damaraland.

Pupkewitz MegaTech trades in electrical and electro-mechanical gear, much of which is needed by the Rhino Trust for their daily excursions to track and protect Black Rhinos. The donation comprises ten pocket LED flashlights, ten LEC rechargeable camp lanterns and three year planners.
Pupkewitz donates to SRT

The lights where presented to SRT Trustee, Maxi Louis (left) by Morne Nell, MD of Pupkewitz MegaTech. Nell participated in the RMB Ride for Rhinos cross country mountainbike challenge and responded to a direct request from SRT trackers for reliable lights they can use during their weeks in the field.

“After last year’s RMB Ride for Rhinos, Pupkewitz also donated a water trailer, again responding to a need they saw while in the field with our trackers” said Louis adding their gratitude, saying “Save the Rhino Trust would like to extend a huge thank you to Pupkewitz for their ongoing support.”

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