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NamPol receives new Land cruiser

NamPol receives new Land cruiser

The Pupkewitz foundation has donated a Toyota Land cruiser to the Namibian Police Force(NamPol)’s Protected Resources Division.
The Inspector General of the Namibian Police Force, Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga, thanked the foundation saying “I would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Pupkewitz Foundation and its management for considering the Protected Resources Division of the Namibian Police force, to be the beneficiary of this valuable sponsorship.”
The Legal Assistance Centre recommended the Protected Resources Division as beneficiary.
“The Protected Resources Division of the Namibian Police Force is tasked with a huge responsibility of protecting our country’s natural resources and investigates crimes involving poaching of protected game, theft or illegal dealing in minerals especially diamonds,” the General said.
Meryl Barry, CEO and Principal Trustee of the Pupkewitz Foundation, said the Namibian Police are in need of 4×4 vehicles. Currently no other government institution or NGO are more in need of 4×4 vehicles to do their work than the Namibian police. However, the lack of appropriate vehicles to cross the rugged terrain where wildlife crimes occurred, and continue to occur, slows the investigation process down and hampers the gathering of necessary evidence. Even regular police officers stationed in rural areas do not have 4×4 vehicles, making it very difficult to follow up on any crime, including wildlife crimes that take place in the rugged terrain in the rural areas of Namibia; budget is not ample for 4×4 vehicles to tackle the wildlife crime epidemic, including numerous other crimes that Namibia faces. The operational areas of the Protected Resources Division of the Police Force are in rugged and uncompromising terrain.
The Land cruiser will be fully equipped with a replacement bumper, rails, and two spare wheels with fitting brackets, spotlight and a lockable box allowing them to safely store evidence confiscated at the crimes scenes. The donation includes three years of services, through only Pupkewitz Toyota workshops.
The ceremony was attended by the Head of the Criminal Investigations Directorate, Commissioner Nicholas Endjala, the Head of the Procurement and Logistics Directorate, Commissioner Andreas Nelumbu, the new Pupkewitz Holdings Group CEO, Mr. Dougie Truter, the Chairman of the Pupkewitz Motor Division, Mr. Junior Bruwer, as well as the managing directors of the various trading divisions in the group. The event was directed by Lexus Dealer Principal, Anton Westraadt.

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