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Frisky, expensive all-electric GWM ORA lands in Namibia

Frisky, expensive all-electric GWM ORA lands in Namibia

The GWM ORA 03 300 Super Luxury, was launched on 30 November by Pupkewitz GWM a sub-brand of Pupkewitz Motors.

The car was introduced as an innovative, stylish, and ‘Pure Electric Vehicle’, heralding a new era for Pupkewitz GWM in Namibia.

Pupkewitz GWM Franchise Director, Nico Pieters said celebrating a pivotal moment in their journey, the launch of the GWM ORA 03 marks a defining step to a sustainable automotive future in Namibia.

“We are excited to bring this innovative and stylish electric vehicle to our market, empowering our customers with eco-friendly mobility that merges cutting-edge technology with affordability. This launch embodies our commitment to pioneering change and delivering excellence in the automotive landscape,” he added.

In a statement Pupkewitz Motors explained that the ORA 03 encapsulates luxury and functionality, boasting an array of stand-out features, from its elegant 18-inch alloy wheels to the comprehensive safety suit including Adaptive Cruise Control and Rear Parking Sensor.

“Every aspect is meticulously crafted for an unparalleled driving experience. The six-way power driver’s seat, wireless phone charger, a suite of advanced safety features ensure a blend of comfort, convenience and safety making every journey a delight,” they added.

The ORA comes standard with an On-Board Portable Charger, rated current-13A, allowing users to effortlessly charge their vehicle at home using any wall plug.

Recharging the battery in the ORA from 10% to 89% with a 64kW DC charge, takes around 50 minutes, ensuring a quick top-up for those on the go. Meanwhile, an 11kW AC charger will fully recharge the battery in approximately 5.5 hours, offering a convenient solution for charging at home or work with a range of 310 km on a full charger.

Pieters further said that the ORA starts at N$699,900 and offers exceptional value that extends beyond its price tag, offering passengers luxury and sophistication, high-quality vegan-friendly materials, and intuitive controls.

“Under the hood, the ORA lineup harnesses the power of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, delivering an impressive 126 kW and 250 Nm of peak torque to the front wheels. Weighing just 1, 555kg, it accelerates from 0-100km/h in a swift 8,5 seconds, reaching a top speed of nearly 160 km/h,” he explained.

The GWM ORA 003 represents more than just a vehicle, it embodies a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and a forward-thinking approach to mobility, he concluded.


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