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Namibia House at COP28 : Powering progress with nature

Namibia House at COP28 : Powering progress with nature

Namibia House at COP28 presented a ground-breaking series on 3 December, unfolding a compelling narrative of climate action. Themed “Powered by Nature,” the Namibian Pavilion spearheaded discussions on Green Corridors with the Maersk-McKinney Moller Center and the finance challenges of Mega-Hydrogen Projects.

In a pivotal panel discussion, Namibia House signed a Letter of Intent with the Maersk-McKinney Moller Centre on Green Corridors, emphasizing a shared commitment to sustainable development.

According to James Mnyupe, Namibian Green Hydrogen Commissioner, “The Green Corridors initiative represents a forward-looking commitment to sustainable development, positioning Namibia as a leader in promoting green transport systems, contributing significantly to global climate action.”

The session concluded with the signing of a Letter of Intent for the MMM Center and the Namibian Government to commence Green Corridor Feasibility work in the country.

Namibia House also hosted a panel discussion on “Project Finance Challenges Facing Mega-Hydrogen Projects.” Powered by the Green Hydrogen Council, this strategic initiative explored the financial terrain of large-scale hydrogen endeavours in Namibia.

Delving into the unique challenges of mega-hydrogen projects, it aims to provide stakeholders and decision-makers with actionable perspectives for the successful realization of projects contributing significantly to Namibia’s sustainable energy future.

COP28 Announcements: Shaping a sustainable future

COP28 on day three marked a pivotal moment in climate action, witnessing strategic shifts and impactful initiatives. The financial commitments, notably $777 million from the UAE and others underscored a collective effort to combat tropical diseases exacerbated by climate change, enhancing visibility for the cause.

The conference witnessed a pronounced shift towards leveraging private capital in the global energy transition, with the introduction of the UAE’s Alterra Fund—a $30 billion investment driving private capital towards climate investments in emerging markets.

The COP28 Finance debate emphasized the necessity for clear commitments and equitable contributions in climate finance, addressing the ongoing struggle to meet the $100 billion annual promise.

Scientific warnings regarding climate risks were reiterated, aligning with the urgency for decisive actions at COP28. With over 97,000 participants, the conference highlighted considerations on representation fairness and delegate limits. Despite financial commitments, challenges persist in meeting promises and ensuring equitable contributions, emphasizing the need for decisive actions aligned with the evolving climate landscape.

Numerous initiatives during COP28 showcased global commitment to addressing pressing environmental and health challenges, from the Climate-Health Ministerial’s participation from 100 countries to the UAE Declaration on Climate Relief, Recovery, and Peace garnering support from 74 countries and 40 international organisations. The Reaching the Last Mile Forum’s substantial pledge of $777 million is aimed at combating neglected tropical diseases, while the

Africa Green Investment Initiative led by the UAE allocated over half of its $4.5 billion funding to clean energy projects across eight countries. COP28’s World Climate Action Summit unveiled $1.7 billion in nature conservation finance, complemented by the UAE’s additional commitment of $100 million for nature-climate projects, starting with the ‘Resilient Ghana’ plan. The COP28 Nature, Land Use, and Ocean Day on 9 December will further spotlight the critical role of nature in effective climate action, aligning with the UAE’s vision for an Africa free from preventable diseases, emphasizing COP28’s overarching focus on health and well-being.

Strategic Media Interventions:

Amplifying Namibia’s presence at COP28 through strategic media interviews and publicity. The Pavilion facilitated the interviews of Hon. Dr. Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of International Relations and Cooperation and Hon. Pohamba Shifeta, Minister of Environment, Forestry with International Media intending to outline the utmost matters for consideration and collaboration for Namibia at COP28.

The Namibian pavilion continues to serve as a point of engagement for many multilateral and bilateral discussions.


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