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Letshego Bank shines light of compassion in correctional facilities

Letshego Bank shines light of compassion in correctional facilities

Prison Fellowship Namibia (PFN) and Letshego Bank Namibia joined forces to bring joy to nearly 100 family members during the annual Angel Tree initiative held at the Male Correctional Facility in Windhoek.

PFN, recognized as one of the largest Prison Ministries Worldwide, focuses on restoring the dignity of prisoners, aiding their families, and facilitating the rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-offenders into society.

Relying solely on donations, fundraising projects, and voluntary monthly contributions from members, PFN executes various crucial activities, including church services, family support, collection drives for essential items, aftercare for ex-offenders, training, and the Angel Tree initiative.

Responding to the call for support, Letshego Bank Namibia stepped in to bring a ray of hope to inmates and their families.

Letshego Chief Executive, Ester Kali expressed profound gratitude to PFN for their initiatives that bring brightness into the lives of women facing challenging circumstances. Recognizing the critical role correctional facilities play in rehabilitation and societal reintegration, Letshego emphasised the importance of supporting incarcerated individuals, especially during the festive season.

“As believers in the power of compassion to transform lives, we felt compelled to share this special day with you and your families. Let’s bridge the gap between the boardroom and those striving to realize their potential amid difficult circumstances. Together, we can illuminate the spirit of humanity within correctional facilities and bring joy to those who need it most,” said Kali.

PFN’s Board member, Toni Tommasi, extended gratitude to all sponsors for their support in keeping such initiatives alive.

Highlighting the Angel Tree initiative’s impact, he emphasised its role in ensuring children of incarcerated individuals feel remembered and supported during the holiday season.

He called upon corporate organisations to sponsor future Angel Tree initiatives, emphasising the immeasurable positive impact on families, especially children, showcasing commitment to social responsibility and community welfare.

The Angel Tree initiative stands as an investment in the well-being of families affected by incarceration, nurturing hope, dignity, and connection during a time often marked by separation.


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