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Re-elected Arandis mayor optimistic to address land challenges

Re-elected Arandis mayor optimistic to address land challenges

By Adolf Kaure.

Risto Kapendah has been re-elected as the mayor of Arandis, during the council elections, which took place at the Swakopmund Magistrates Court on Friday 01 December.

During his acceptance speech, Kapendah who was sworn by presiding officer, Lucia Elishi, said that he remains positive that more land will be made available in the town. “Arandis is the fastest growing town, related to economic activity, in the country, therefore, the land requirement in Arandis has grown exponentially.”

“Under the term in review by Council, 192 plots have been allocated and 132 homes have been constructed under the Show House Development Project. The need for land however remains a challenge, so much so, that the town has been forced to expand our town-land boundaries.”

“We however are positive that with the continued support that we have always received from our line ministry and our partners from the private sector, we will for sure overcome this hurdle,” he said.

Major developments that have recently come to Arandis include the charcoal manufacturing plant and the Arandis Truck Port.

Kapendah said that the Arandis Town Council has approved an additional four plants for the following year.

“We are almost complete with the servicing of our Logistics Hub and we have also acquired a logistics company that will transport cargo to land-locked countries,” said Kapendah.

Erastus Kandenge was re-elected as Arandis’ deputy mayor while Cecillie //Hoabes retained her position as the chairperson of the management committee.

The other management committee members are Johana Namupala and Isabella Kavendjii. Rita Hoeses and Barnabas Kambara will continue to serve as ordinary council members.

Arandis Mayor His Worship Risto Kapendah. (Photograph courtesy of Arandis Town Council)


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