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Open Learning sets the pace for future tertiary qualifications

Open Learning sets the pace for future tertiary qualifications

The Windhoek Country Club Resort was abuzz on Thursday morning 30 November when 860 students, their parents, family and friends converged on this landmark venue to celebrate the students’ academic success at the Institute of Open Learning (IOL).

The explosion in the number of graduates is a clear indication of the huge demand for quality education provided by private institutions. As the students crossed the stage, one by one, their qualifications were conferred by the Institute’s Registrar, Mr Pieter van Vuuren.

Tapping the cap was preceded by a passionate speech from the Institute’s Chief Executive, Ms Ilana Calitz where she highlit the growing importance and success of distance education.

“This unique and evolving landscape of distance education provided by IOL has been a beacon of light offering teaching and police qualifications that empower individuals to reach their dreams, regardless of geographical boundaries. Our institution stands as a testament to the power of knowledge, the resilience of the human spirit and the boundless possibilities that technology and innovation bring to education. ‘’ she said.

The IOL’s on-line platforms and state of the art academic administration systems ensure that Namibians have access to quality higher education and as a subsidiary of Trustco Group Holdings, IOL gives equal access to all its staff in bettering their education as well as their quality of lives.

The Institute prides itself that the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture is a long-term strategic partner in ensuring that education reaches all corners of the country. Conveying the ministry’s keen support, the Deputy Executive Director for formal education, Ms Edda Bohn as guest speaker said “Your educational journey hasn’t been devoid of obstacles, it has been a testament to resilience and determination. However, beyond personal triumphs, there are systemic challenges within our educational systems, challenges that demand our collective attention. Inadequate infrastructure and disparities in resources remain significant hurdles.”

“But within these challenges lie opportunities for transformation. Your education hasn’t just equipped you with knowledge, it has bestowed upon you the power to be agents of change’’ she continued.

Trustco Group Managing Director, Dr Quinton van Rooyen, congratulated the students via video call on their momentous achievements, a day they equally shared with their loved ones. “Your journey demanded resilience. Today we celebrate your accomplishments in pursuing knowledge, the cornerstone of progress. Through accessible education, IOL fosters lifelong learning, empowering individuals to pursue their dreams,’’ he said.

“On this landmark occasion, we as IOL in Namibia would hereby like to congratulate all our esteemed graduates. Your investment in your education is your gateway to a better future for yourself and your loved ones whose support has propelled you to become the success that you are today. Make this count,” the Institute stated.


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