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City of Windhoek aims to clear backlogs and fast track projects in 2018

City of Windhoek aims to clear backlogs and fast track projects in 2018

His Worship Muesee Kazapua, Mayor of the City of Windhoek reviewed the 2nd Quarter of the City’s Transformational Strategic Plan this week, where he revealed that his office is ready to work together with officials and residents in efforts to provide better living condition for the people.

At the event in Windhoek, Kazapua highlighted the key projects for the 2017/2018 financial year which include pensioners debts write-off, finalization of the City’s river walk initiative memorandum of understanding, Hepatities E outbreak response plan, the inauguration and commissioning of the City’s incinerator and the formalization of informal settlement amongst a few things.

He said that it is important that they strive to clear the backlogs and fast track projects which are vital in assisting them to make quick yet lasting positive impact tho the lives of residents.

“Apart from that, during the period January and June 2018 council will endeavor to engage strategic stakeholders as per the Key Stakeholder Engagement Plan Quarter 3, which will be presented by the CEO in due course,” he added.

He believes that these engagements will assist in securing the necessary funding and the debts trade-offs in order to improve their financial standing, which will be be undertaken by both politicians and management.


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