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Volley tournament successful

weather clearly not a factor as the runner up in the ladies competition Wiebke Hoeritzauer/Birte Fahrbach pose for a picture.

weather clearly not a factor as the runner up in the ladies competition Wiebke Hoeritzauer/Birte Fahrbach pose for a picture.

The DTS/INTERPACK Beach Volleyball Tournament which took place last week at the DTS Sports Ground in Windhoek was a success with 22 teams participating.
The teams consisted of eight men’s teams, seven ladies’ teams, four mixed 4-a-side mixed social teams and three Youth 2-a-side social teams.
The tournament was blessed with great weather, attracting a good spectator turnout for the one-day event. N$5,000 in prize money was up for grabs and the teams fought hard to reach the podium.
In the 4-a-side category altogether 12 matches were played on the grass courts of the DTS.
Winning all their games and first place winners was the team ‘Scoops’, while Farmers Attack came second and Fx Fitness third.
The 2-a-side Youth/Social category attracted only three teams. They played six matches and Absai Simon/John Anderson came out as winners followed by Mandy Hugo/Chevonne Everson in second place while the third place spot went to the youth players Niklas Gerber/Valentin Schindler.

The ladies category saw the number one seeded team of Anita Kinder/Simone von Wietersheim face Teja Lück/Karin Curschmann and prevail.
Lück/Curschmann advanced to the final and faced off with the newly formed team of Wiebke Höritzauer/Birte Fahrbach who defeated Junior National Team Kim Seebach/Stephanie Palmhert.
The final saw Kinder/Von Wietersheim dominate the game and win the championship.
Eight men teams battled it out in a very competitive field of young and old players. Junior National Team Jan Eric Sack/Roman von Ludwiger, seeded 2nd, managed to reach the semifinals by beating senior team James Verrinder/Dirk Stein in close encounter.
Here they faced Michael Sickel/Andreas Ewald, who managed to qualify through the losers round. But Sack/Von Ludwiger showed their international experience when won the match and qualified for the final. Their opponents were no other than the number one seeded team of Achim Lück/Peter Brinkmann.
In an action packed final, veterans Lück/Brinkmann won the first set 22-20. Sack/Von Ludwiger came back in the second set, clinching it 21-11 with Lück/Brinkmann fading fitness against the Juniors. The third set tie break saw Lück/Brinkmann showing their experience and winning 15-12 to gain their first title this year. Third place went to Heiko Prior/Arno Pack who beat Sickel/Ewald in the play-off match 2-1 sets.

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