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Workshop on enhancing seamless trade within SADC kicks off

Workshop on enhancing seamless trade within SADC kicks off

The Namibia Revenue Agency (NamRa) in collaboration with the GIZ CESARE Trade Project, has commenced with a workshop focused on enhancing seamless trade within the Southern African Development Community (SADC). This event brings together key stakeholders in Namibia.

Spanning from Monday to Wednesday, the workshop is centred around the Regional Customs Transit Guarantee (RCTG) Scheme which streamlines the process for transporters by providing them with a unified guarantee that covers the entire transit journey for consignments.

The primary objective of the RCTG workshop is to raise awareness and pave the way for the pilot phase, domestication, and eventual implementation of the system across the region.

“The SADC RCTG Scheme initiative comes at a time when our country and the SADC regional economic block face numerous economic and financial challenges. The seamless movement of goods across our borders will catalyze to unlock the bottlenecks that exist throughout the supply chain, largely due to some customs rules and processes currently in use,” said NamRa’s Commissioner, Sam Shivute, at the opening, highlighting that the scheme will streamline customs procedures, facilitate trade, and ultimately boost the economies of SADC countries.

According to Shivute, the RCTG Scheme will address non-tariff barriers and enhance the legitimate movement of goods, services and people across borders.


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