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MealforTwo project gets hefty boost from Capricorn Foundation

MealforTwo project gets hefty boost from Capricorn Foundation

The Capricorn Foundation recently allocated N$504,000 towards the Gondwana Care Trust’s MealforTwo project.

This funding will support the provision of 300,000 meals and the establishment of self-sufficiency gardens for the project’s beneficiaries.

Veripura Muukua, the Coordinator of the Capricorn Foundation, shared her experience of visiting the Lighthouse Community of Hope in Katutura, one of the beneficiaries of the MealforTwo project. This community supports over 30 children through its afternoon program and was also the site where the initial greenhouse of the programme was set up.

“This track record shows Gondwana’s commitment to social investment and community support, which aligns with the Capricorn Foundation’s vulnerability focus areas and purpose to be a Connector of Positive Change in our communities,” she added.

Gondwana’s Environmental and Social Impact Manager, Quintin Hartung, expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the collaboration with the Capricorn Foundation, stating that this generous support allowed the Gondwana Care Trust to initiate the greenhouse project.

“Thanks to this support, vulnerable individuals can now grow essential products, ensuring meals for children at the learning centre. Their joy is immeasurable,” he added.

The foundation said because food security in Namibia remains a big concern, this partnership with Gondwana has provided much-needed food assistance to vulnerable communities. Since its launch in 2019, the MealforTwo project partnered with Bank Windhoek to donate 815,000 meals.

“This partnership enabled the Trust to supply dry goods and meat donations and amid challenging economic times, the project’s success has grown, attracting more donors. Since 2022 2022, the Foundation has been sponsoring the initiative, expanding its impact on vulnerable communities,” the foundation concluded.


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