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Business Hall of Fame launched

Johanna Cloete country director of Junior Achievement Namibia. Junior Achievement Namibia recently launched the Namibian Business Hall of Fame.Junior Achievement Namibia recently launched the Business Hall of Fame in Windhoek. Members of the public can now nominate businessmen and women who could be inducted as laureates into the Namibian Business Hall of Fame.
According to Dixon Norval, chairman of Junior Achievement, the objective of the Namibian Business Hall of Fame is to recognise business people and professionals who have helped mould the country’s enterprise system and who continue to reshape and improve the manner in which businesses operate.
“These are outstanding people who have worked tirelessly to shape the economy of Namibia, being employers on a major scale, and their enormous contributions are recognised when inducted into the Namibian Business Hall of Fame,” he said.
The Namibian Business Hall of Fame induction follows the processes of the Launch of the Call for Nominees, nominations, assessment and approval of nominee profiles as well as the Chairman’s Dinner with nominees to finally assess the potential inductees as Laureates.
After that, a Gala Induction Dinner will be held in March 2012 to induct nominees as Laureates to the Namibian Business hall of Fame.
To be considered as a Business Hall of Fame Laureate, an individual’s record of business achievement must demonstrate business excellence.
“In addition, nominees must serve as a role model. Stated more simply, Namibian Business Hall of Fame Laureates are individuals whose work has moved the Namibian society in a better, stronger direction,” Norval added.
Laureates will be selected from two categories, that is the Historical Laureates (deceased) and Active or Retired Laureates. Active or Retired Laureates are individuals who are still engaged in the day-to-day activities of their businesses or individuals who have retired from active business involvement.

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