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Namport exports maiden consignment of grapes to Europe

Namport exports maiden consignment of grapes to Europe

By Adolf Kaure.

The maiden export of Namibian home-grown grapes from the Namibia Grape Company through the Port of Walvis Bay was recently handled by the Namibian Ports Authority.

The authority’s Chief Executive, Andrew Kanime said that this opportunity came after the grape exporters in southern Namibia experienced challenges with the traditional export channel through Cape Town harbour.

“This marks a golden opportunity where we must all showcase ourselves that Namibia can cost competitively and efficiently deliver,” said Kanime adding that Namibian operators deserve great praise, having “stepped in to rescue the situation where our neighbouring ports are under operational strain.”

“However, the challenge for all of us is that we must all meticulously deliver on our respective roles and at the lowest possible cost on the grape export shipments for the 2023 season so that we don’t give the Namibia Grape Company any reason not to support the Namibian logistics sector for the greater success and prosperity of our industry and nation,” he said.

The Chief Executive pointed out that the vessels that usually transport Namibian grapes from Cape Town to Europe through the Atlantic route are the very same vessels that passes through the Namibian port on their way to Europe.

According to Kanime, becoming more competitive with costs and efficiency of logistics in comparison to the logistics industry of the country that was used to export these grapes, would enable Namport to handle this Namibian cargo again in future.

“It would be a futile exercise even if it is only a single operator or service provider in the Namibian logistics chain that does not live up to the expectation and deliver on this very delicate cargo and important business opportunity.”

“A loss will not necessarily require an end-to-end failure but just a weak single role player. We therefore need to all hold together and sustain this new business.”

“I can only emphasize that Namport is very mindful of the need to do its part and we rest assured that we are up to the challenge and will give our best.”


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