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Commission for Research, Science and Technology hosts Pre-Science Week Hackathon

Commission for Research, Science and Technology hosts Pre-Science Week Hackathon

The National Commission for Research, Science, and Technology (NCRST), hosted the Pre-Science Week Hackathon on 7 October at their headquarters in Olympia.

The participants, consisting of 15 individuals who were grouped into teams of 3, had the opportunity to present their prototypes and solutions to three independent judges.

The NCRST said the participants worked on developing mobile apps and websites that will argue the solutions to be developed by NCRST for the upcoming Science Week scheduled for 6 to 10 November, as well as other science activities.

“The teams were mentored by four experienced coding guides, and the hackathon brought together individuals or teams to collaborate on intensive projects, primarily in the field of technology or software development,” they emphasised.

They further said the event provided a platform for coders, designers, UXers, and IT project managers, irrespective of their professional background or level of expertise, to showcase their skills and contribute to innovative solutions.

“In first place were Rikurora Karamata, Inga Hekandjo, and Uetusuvera Kuhanga, in second place were Denilson Uariua, Aino Iiyehela, and Shain Mukungu, and in third place were Ashivudhi Remaider, Julia Hasotuali and Jamain Chika,” they informed.

They said in addition, the participants received certificates of attendance. “We would like to express our gratitude to all the participants who took part in the Pre-Science Week Hackathon. Your enthusiasm, creativity, and hard work made the event a success,” they concluded.


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