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How to hold chopsticks correctly

Teaching students the value of cross-cultural sensitivity when engaging a new market was the focus of an academic exhibition at the UNAM campus in Windhoek, that also doubled as a graded project. At the University of Namibia annual international food extravaganza hosted by theUNAM Maltas club in collaboration with the Entrepreneur and Organisational Behaviour class, students were tasked to display their awareness and consideration of culture as it impact business. The event combined both the 2nd year organisational behaviour and 3rd year entrepreneur students, who were divided into different groups and displayed cultural foods, dance and music from Brazil, Peru, Morocco, Iceland , Indonesia, and China. Their performances will be graded and added to their semester evaluations. The main aim of the project was for the students to experience the different aspects of setting up an enterprise in a foreign country, while considering the cultural customs and local norms. (Photograph by Comfort Ajibola)

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