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Groot Aub to undergo verification of occupation status

Groot Aub to undergo verification of occupation status

The Groot Aub residents are being reminded about the ongoing verification of occupation status in the area of Groot Aub proper, Extension 1 and Extension 2, by the City of Windhoek.

The municipal authority said the verification process is important for implementing the billing system scheduled for 1 November 2023, to identify residents based on the layout plan and gather their identification, contact details, and email addresses. “Once verification concludes residents can start paying for the leaseholds,” they added.

They said the date for verification starts on 30 September and runs until 1 October from 09:00 to 16:00 and the area of focus is behind the Windhoek Rural Constituency Office up to the Groot Aub cemetery. “Please take note that the schedule for other areas will be communicated once Groot Aub proper is completed,” they emphasised.

The City said residents need to have a certified copy of their ID, the head of the household, if the head of household has passed away, a death certificate copy, a declaration under oath specifying the new responsible member, and a certified ID copy of the new responsible person.

“Verification teams will measure erf sizes as per the map and set up pegs if missing, residents who have pending or missed submissions are advised to drop their certified ID copies at the constituency office reception,” they advised.

For queries contact John Kamure at 061 290 2766 and Peneyambeko Paulus at 061 290 2240.


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